Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mobile Moodle

I have successfully run Moodle from a USB Memory stick. So why would I want to do this?

Sometimes in a school, the Internet can become very slow and anyone trying to work on their VLE can experience anything from frustration to complete failure. Wouldn't it be great if the VLE could run on a local server during the day and then, in the evening, the VLE could be synchronised with the on-line version. This would make video and audio streaming much quicker. You could still run your VLE if the Internet 'goes down'. The VLE would be available to classrooms that don't have access to the Internet at all!

The answer to all this is MoWeS - Modular Webserver System.
  • Go to the"No thanks, take me to the download>>" link provided.
  • Select the "I do not have a MoWeS Portable II Package and want to obtain a new package" option
  • Select the appropriate packages.
This will include MoWeS Portable II Core, Apache2, MySQL and PHP5 as well as Moodle (or Wordpress, Mediawiki, etc) which are also provided.

When you download the package, you will be able to run Moodle from the 'Localhost' server directly. You can change the options so that the MoWeS Portable will automatically start Moodle up (http://localhost/moodle/).