Monday, 14 March 2011

Tim Rylands, Learning Consultant

Tim Rylands is a Learning Consultant who delivered two sessions at the recent ICT for Education conference in Belfast's Hilton Hotel on Friday 11th March. Tim is a gifted and inspirational teacher who presents results from his work in an imaginative and charismatic way. Tim uses a wide range of creative and mostly free web 2.0 tools to encourage and empower children to express their creativity and make significant gains in attainment. To find out more about Tim and his recommendations for top tools check out the links below.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Employment in IT Industry in N. Ireland

The research, ‘Technology Insights 2011’, shows that despite the recent recession and ongoing high levels of unemployment, demand for IT professionals in Northern Ireland has increased over the last year, with 16,000 people currently employed in the IT & Telecoms professional workforce – representing just over 2% of total employment. 60% of these IT & Telecoms professionals are employed in the IT & Telecoms industry itself, while the remainder are spread across every other sector of the economy.