Friday, 19 November 2010

Flip camera - converting movies to work with movie maker.

Flip cameras have been growing in popularity somewhat over the last year or so.  Their versatility, ease of use and HD quality certainly tick a lot of boxes for those involved in education.  There does seem to be one major issue though that schools struggle with, and that's taking the movie from the Flip Camera into Windows Movie Maker.  Fear not for a solution is nigh!  Simply open the Flipshare software that is built into the camera.  You will need to install this first if you haven't already done so. Select the movie or movies you would like to convert, then click on 'Share' and select the 'Publish to Web' icon as circled in the screenshot opposite.  You will then be asked to share your videos to 'myspace' youtube' or 'other web sites'.  Choose the last one 'other web sites'.  This will save the video as a WMV into a specified folder. You will now be able to use this Windows Movie Video to import into movie maker.