Monday, 14 January 2013


Check out this video from the last TeachMeet conference held in Stranmillis College, Belfast. TeachMeet is an informal gathering of teachers including student teachers, who are prepared to share their good practice and ideas.  Check out the conference video at the site below:

Check out some recommendations from our friend Damian Watson.

At 1min and 10 seconds approximately    Daithi Murray on a Flipped Classroom
At 15min  and 22 seconds approximately Damian Watson on Using Data Effectively in the Classroom
At 22min and 17 Seconds approx            Barry Corrigan – Life of Pi
At 27min and 40 seconds                       Damien McHugh – Using Voice Thread
At 37min and 12 seconds                       Tim Manson – 3 Characteristics of an effective teacher
At 45 min and 8 seconds                        Simon McLean – Digital Storytelling.