Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Best Embeds for Educational Wikis and Blogs

Now that you and/or your students are using wikis and blogs, are you curious what could be added to them? From animated slideshows to collaborative documents to interactive review games, many great (and free) tools are available. Have a look at this extensive list.


Kerpoof provides free multimedia software that can be used directly from any browser, on any computer with Internet access and an up-to-date Flash player. It can be used to create original artwork, animated movies, and stories, among other things.

You can select from a number of backgrounds and then add characters/props to the picture or scene. The quality of the production is exceptional. In the example below, the character actually animates.

Click here to find out more about this excellent tool.

Glogster (for educators)

Glogs are virtual posters. Glogs and can be shared with the world because they are published online. Unlike physical posters, glogs can combine text, pictures, graphics, video, and audio to create an interactive online poster. Glogs can be easily edited and changed at anytime.

Once a glog is saved, it is given a web address. A glog also has an embed code so it can be easily embedded into your website, blog, or wiki.

There are 2 versions of Glogster. The Glogster-edu version is specifically geared for education. It has the following features:

  • A web 2.0 platform that easily allows users to upload photos, videos, text, audio and more to create a unique online, interactive poster.
  • A new and creative digital outlet for educators to help keep students ENGAGED and make learning more fun!
  • A simple and easy interface designed to introduce basic concepts to students.
  • A series of teamwork mechanisms to allow users to publish and share their creations and to collaborate with other users on joint efforts.
  • A secure, private, safe platform that can be monitored directly by teachers.
  • A valuable learning tool that can be integrated with several core subjects including math, science, history, technology, art, photography, music and more.
  • A tool that fosters advancement of skills as students progress through grade levels.
  • A virtual, digital, educational platform that transcends age, gender, background, subject matter, grade level, school type, location, etc.
See here for more details. Really worth a look!


Etherpad is a unique custom in-browser text editor. It allows up to eight people to collaborate in real time. Each user is colour coded and the changes made will appear on all screens almost in an instant. For more details and a short 90 sec screencast just click on the title of this blog entry.