Sunday, 25 November 2007

SCORM and eXe

SCORM is the Sharable Content Object Reference Model. It allows content to be loaded into, launched and tracked by any learning management system using a common rule set. Today most Virtual Learning Environments are able to handle SCORM-packages (i.e. that it is possible to un-package and use them within the VLE; e.g.: data of tests taken within a SCORM are stored in the VLE's database; student's use of SCORM-modules can be tracked; etc). Learn more about SCORM here.

We have an excellent example of a SCORM in action on our VLE. It was provided by ATT Training Ltd and focuses on the GCSE Motor and Vehicle Course. You can see this here. You can log in with the username and password of 'motorvehicle'.

There are a few open source tools for packaging content to SCORM. One of the best tools around is eXeLearning (eXe). eXe is a program that allows you to merge various media such as audios, videos, images, texts, ... to a single package. Furthermore it provides you with the possibility to create and add interactive elements (like multiple choice questions) to your content. Click here to download the eXe project.

Click here to see an example of a SCORM product produced using eXe.

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