Friday, 18 January 2008

eBeam Projection

The eBeam has all the functionality of a traditional fixed size interactive whiteboard. It transforms any flat surface into an interactive 'white' board. This surface could be a normal whiteboard or an emulsioned wall in the classroom.

The eBeam connects to your PC/laptop which needs to be connected to a dataprojector. The eBeam is placed at any corner of the surface and, after it has been easily calibrated, you have a fully functional interactive surface. Any notes and diagrams you make on the whiteboard can be captured by eBeam and saved onto your PC for emailing or printing out.

Priced at £375, it certainly has great potential.


michelle said...

Hi Aidan, we are considering investing in more IWBs and I would be very interested in the E-Beam (as it is cheaper and seems to have the same functionality as the IWB). Who supplies the E-Beam and is there any school(s) in NI who have installed E-Beam? Thanks, Michelle

AM said...

Michelle, give us a ring at the Clounagh Centre (0283836 8150) and we will be able to pass on the details of the supplier and the price.