Friday, 5 September 2008

Term 1 2008/2009

Welcome back! There have been a number of exciting developments since the last post. I will be talking about these over the next week or so. The developments (in no particular order) include:

Updates to Yacapaca
Linux on the E500 (v old) laptops
Voice Threads
Comic Life for PC
Podcasting and Photostory
Google sites
ePortfolios for Using ICT and the 5e's with Yacapaca
The ICT Roadshow
SETT 2008

Other issues include:

GCE Applied ICT - OCR or what?
The Self Review Framework
Disseminating Good Practices
Scratch (revisited) and the 5e's
Ning (revisited) and the 5e's
Virtual Learning Environments in your school
Your School's Website

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tmccreesh918 said...

OCR GCE Applied ICT or what???
We've finally had enough of this qualification! Nothing as dishartening as awarding students for the standard of work/effort produced out of 100 only for OCR to use some unexplained mathematical formula to take, in some cases, up to 10 marks off students. The A2 is nearly easier (I say that lighlty) to achieve reasonable marks compared to the AS, particularly unit 2 which has become a joke for students to sit. We've decided to offer OCR level 3 Nationals in ICT to our lower 6th this year. Same as A-level/UCAS points with "best fit" options to Pass, Merit & Distinction awards. Skills based course rewarding application of knowledge & skills and no heavy paper coursework assignments to be sent away - a moderator will visit us and "discuss" what we have awarded to students. Feels more like the old AVCE!

Aidan McCanny said...

I will be very interested in how this course progresses. How does this qualification sit with the Universities - the old AVCE caused some problems for students as some Universities didn't really recognise the qualification. I know little about this course - what made you go for this particular course? What support do you have locally? I will be interested in doing some work with you if necessary.