Saturday, 1 November 2008

Cayra for Mind Maps

Cayra is a program that lets you represent tasks, ideas, concepts, and other items in a graphic, well-structured way. Cayra is based on such mental techniques, as Mind Maps and Concept Maps and helps you create colorful and informative maps.

You can use Cayra for: Studies, Brainstorming, Project and people management, Planning and organizing, Creativity, Decision making, Problem solving, and Time management.

Download it for free here.


Seamie said...

The link for downloading this program is blocked by the C2K filtering.

Aidan McCanny said...

Thanks for that Seamie. The zipped version is available on the site. If you go to the 'ICT' area, then 'Creative ICT Tools' followed by 'Generally Useful Tools'; you will see the link near the bottom.

tbrown353 said...

I have recently used with my pupils and this is all online, easy to use, and will export out an image file. Have you tried this?