Thursday, 10 June 2010

Using Yacapaca for Controlled Assessment

Yacapaca can be used to help in the Controlled Assessment aspect of subjects. A subject teacher simply creates a portfolio within Yacapaca which provides the students with an area to upload their files (max 15M per file).

When the lesson is nearly over, the students will upload their work to the portfolio. The teacher then opens up the specific portfolio and selects all the students:

The teacher locks their portfolio by selecting the 'Actions with selected items', then 'lock/unlock' as shown above.

By checking the 'Status', the teacher will see that all students' work in this specific portfolio are locked:

When the students logs into their account, they will see the list of their assignments/portfolios as normal:

If they click on an unlocked assignment, along with the details of the assignment, they will have access to a 'green' Go! button allowing them to continue work with their portfolio:

However, if the portfolio is locked, the Go! button doesn't appear and so the student is denied access to their work until the teacher unlocks it again:

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