Saturday, 15 September 2007

Emerging Issues from the ETI's report on ICT (2006)

The key features of the minority (14%) of schools where ICT is well embedded and its use is integral to the pupils’ learning across many aspects of the school curriculum are:

  • an accurate, up-to-date and agreed baseline of provision has been established;

  • a focus on good quality teaching and learning, and high standards of achievement underpin the improvement agenda in the school;

  • a clear strategic vision for the development of ICT exists and is a key theme in school development planning and the associated monitoring and evaluation processes;

  • the C2k managed service is complemented with significant, sustainable investment in ICT, often in new technologies such as electronic interactive whiteboards, wireless-connected portable computers along with the full integration of legacy computers;

  • the teachers have good access to ICT resources and there are effective support staff, with clearly defined ICT support and development roles;

  • the well-informed, supportive and effective leadership and management of ICT, often through a shared approach by a dynamic ICT development group;

  • the high levels of staff awareness and enthusiasm about the use of technology for teaching and learning, underpinned by the effective, targeted, and properly funded, continuing professional development of staff;

  • the technology is used well to support and inform the management and monitoring of the work of school;

  • ICT is embedded successfully and assessed across a good range of subject areas, and complements the ongoing work to enhance the pupils’ literacy, numeracy and broader skills.

The rest of this summative report can be found here.

The complete report can be found here.

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