Monday, 10 September 2007

Make all the text on the web interactive!

With Hyperwords, you can make all the text on the web truely interactive. Highlight any text on a web page (you MUST use Firefox), and you can translate it into a wide variety of languages, search Wikipedia for more information on a word/person, Search Google for pictures; all by selecting from a menu:

Having installed and opened 'Firefox', you need to install Hyperwords as an Add-on:
1. Select Tools, Add-ons
2. Select Get Extensions (Bottom right)
3. In the search box, type in 'Hyperwords'
4. Click on the Hyperwords link and select 'Install Now'.

This works for any web page for example a blog, a wiki, etc. You can even open a basic word processor such as 'Notepad', type in the text and save it as 'Filename.html. If you open this from Firefox, you can use Hyperword to translate the text into another language, or search Google for an image relating to the highlighted word and so on.

This is really worth a try!

Note: This is currently only available for a PC.

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