Sunday, 2 September 2007


Create, share, set, mark and analyse assessments for your students using Yacapaca. The interface is very pupil friendly. You have access to an ever growing number of quizzes produced by fellow teachers across the UK. You can join a specific group and have access to 100s (sometimes 1000s) of questions from which you can create your own quiz. You can also add more questions to the group hence increasing the question bank for other teachers.

You can use Yacapaca to:
  • Write your own tests;
  • Use tests already created by teachers;
  • Get tests automatically marked;
  • Analyse the results;
  • Create ePortfolios.

The benefits of Yacapaca are that it:
  • Encourages ICT use in every subject;
  • Saves on marking so frees teachers up for more productive work;
  • Enjoyable and motivating for students;
  • High quality analysis of results leads to better-targeted teaching;
  • Helps implement Assessment for Learning across the school.

Click here to see for yourself.

Yacapaca can be used for benchmarking. The SELB has set up an ICT survey to help analyse the ICT standard of students when they first arrive in their post primary school. The survey would then be taken at the end of their first year to see what improvements had been made.

The ePortfolio aspect of Yacapaca is excellent. It is very easy to setup. Students can add their ‘best’ work for individual subjects. When finished their work can be zipped as a series of related web pages. The students can even change the ‘skin’ of their final product.

As more and more teachers contribute/produce their various quizzes, the number of accessible quizzes increases. There are a large number of quizzes covering all areas of the curriculum.

Click here for the Yacapaca Website.

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