Sunday, 2 September 2007

ICT Coordinators Day

On 19th June, we ran a programme for all the ICT Coordinators in the SELB. The aim of the day was to update ICT coordinators regarding ICT developments.

The day comprised of a variety of sessions covering:
  • Review of Empowering Schools – what has been achieved so far and what still needs to be addressed
  • ETI survey of Post primary – the outcomes
  • CCEA – assessment at KS3 in the revised curriculum
  • An introduction to ePortfolios
  • A scheme for ICT at KS3
  • Benchmarking in Yr 8
  • A new look at control - Scratch
  • Practical group sessions on podcasting, wikis and blogs
  • The Self Review Framework and the ICT Mark

The day proved to be very successful with a lot of very positive feedback. We will be looking forward to discussing and developing these areas over the coming months.

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